The Cancun Declaration

Veg Climate Alliance has recently compiled a declaration, supported by thousands of people in the groups listed below. There are also translations of the declaration listed at the end.

Declaration on Meat Consumption and Climate Change

A call from people concerned about the future of all life on earth for a major shift to plant-based diets, to avoid an impending unprecedented global climate catastrophe.

[To be presented to the media and to world leaders and decision makers, including delegates to the UN climate conference, scheduled to be held in Cancun, Mexico, in December, 2010.]

According to the cover article by two World Bank environmental advisors in the November/December, 2009 issue of World Watch magazine, the livestock sector is responsible for at least 51 percent of all human-induced greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs). A 2006 UN Food and Agriculture Organization report indicated that animal-based agriculture is responsible for more GHGs (in CO2 equivalents) than all the cars, planes, ships and other means of transportation worldwide combined. Making the situation worse, if current trends continue, global meat production is  projected to double by 2050, with the associated increase in GHGs negating the effects of many positive changes, making it very difficult, if not impossible, to reach the GHG reductions that climate experts believe is essential to avoid the worst effects of climate change. Technology-orientated solutions will not be adequate to sufficiently mitigate global warming. A major societal shift to plant-based diets is essential. Such a shift would have many additional benefits, including improved health, less dependence on oil and other fossil fuels, more efficient use of land, water, energy and other resources, and a reduction in deforestation, desertification, loss of biodiversity, soil erosion, water and air pollution and many other environmental problems.

To avoid a global climate catastrophe, it is urgent that governments, inter-governmental agencies, international donors and the development community, professional organizations, educators, religious, spiritual and political leaders and individuals, including artists and celebrities, as well as the media, promote effective steps to slow and ultimately reverse the consumption of meat and other animal products by supporting the recommendations indicated below and by providing the resources and political and economic backing necessary to achieve them. Nothing less than the fate of humanity and all life on earth is at stake and there is no time to spare.


  • Convert areas currently used to grow feed crops into forests to increase the absorption of CO2.
  • Initiate a protocol under UNFCCC (the United Nations Framework Convention for Climate Change) to reduce the consumption of meat and other animal products.
  • Introduce a significant tax on all meat sold, to create an incentive for people to shift toward plant-based diets and thereby providing an incentive for companies to produce more plant-based foods. The funds raised could be used to lower taxes/VAT on healthier and more climate-friendly foods (i.e. plant foods), educate people about shifting to plant-based diets, retrain people previously employed in the livestock industry, subsidize meat-producing companies willing to start producing plant-based alternatives, and establish sustainable food security programmes in developing countries, etc.
  • Increase awareness about the devastating impacts of meat consumption on climate, other environmental concerns, public health, hunger, water and energy scarcities, and animal welfare.
  • Implement carbon footprint labeling on meat products, as well as information about the negative health and environmental impacts.
  • Provide accurate information about plant-based diets and their many benefits.
  • Provide increased access to healthy and affordable plant-based foods.
  • Subsidize locally grown, organic plant-food production through subsidies and technical support for farmers.
  • Support and subsidize backyard garden projects, school gardens and other local garden projects because they strengthen local sustainable food systems and local food systems.
  • Support campaigns to reduce meat consumption, such as “Meatless Mondays.”
  • Provide a variety of plant-based options at schools and other public and governmental food programs, including at military bases.
  • Encourage food producers to expand the number of healthy, nutritious meat substitutes and create financial and other incentives to do so.
  • Use videos, the internet and other modern communication methods to educate people about the nature of the threats, the importance of actions to reduce them, and the health, environmental and other benefits of plant-based diets.
  • Stress that a major shift to plant-based diets is essential to help meet the GHG emissions reduction targets that scientists claim are essential to avoid major climate upheavals.
  • Encourage sustainable technologies and green, climate-friendly lifestyles.
  • Urge the delegates to the UN Cancun climate conference to stress in their final report that a major shift to plant-based diets is an essential part of efforts to avoid a climate catastrophe.

The Declaration is supported by (list in formation):

A Well Fed World

Brazilian Vegetarian Society, Brazil

Centro Vegetariano, Portugal

Coalition for Plant-Based Solutions to Feed All, International

Concern for Helping Animals in Israel (CHAI), Israel

Danish Vegetarian Society,  Denmark

Eco-Eating, USA

Global Vegetarians Against Climate Change (GVACC), Switzerland

Hong Kong Vegan Association, Hong Kong

In Defense of Animals, USA

International Vegetarian Club of Bejing, China

Jewish Vegetarians of North America,  USA

Helmut F. Kaplan, Austrian author and philosopher

Wam Kat, Dutch author and activist

Marti Kheel, American author

Nicolaas G. Pierson Foundation, Netherlands

Sítio Vegetariano, Brazil

The Vegetarian Mitzvah, USA

Veg Climate Alliance, International

VegNews Magazine, USA

About the Alliance

Veg Climate Alliance is a non profit conglomeration of organizations, professionals, scientific academics, environmentalists and humanitarians, who recognise the need for a speedy, society-wide shift to plant-based diets to preserve an abundant and peaceful world.
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Climate Friendly Home Appliances

There are many ways to fight climate change, including the obvious choice of avoiding animal products, opting for electrical cars and other non-fossil fuels sources, and supporting companies that have similar values.  Today we will talk about some small choices that can make an impact on your overall carbon footprint.

Not all changes to your life or buying habits have to be big ones.  In fact, some of the smaller decisions can add up to be impacts over time.  Here are a few changes to home appliances that you can make a big difference.

Washing Machines and Dryers

One of the biggest drains on energy in a house is the washing machine.  Not only does this appliance take up water usage, but also uses a ton of electricity and gas (in the case of gas powered dryers, which is the most common variety).  There are some tactics that can reduce this usage with any washing machine, and there are also some factors to consider when first purchasing one.

First, lets talk about how you can reduce the energy usage of your washing machine.  Here are a couple of things you can do:

  • Use the cold water cycle – It’s actually not all that effective to use hot water on most load of clothes.  Reserve hot water cycles for when you have very dirty or stained clothes, otherwise it’s probably a waste of energy.
  • Do fewer loads/bigger loads – This is a balance between wanting to treat your appliance better (i.e. lighter loads) and wanting to conserve energy.  However if your primary goal is to reduce your carbon footprint, consider saving up the clothes into fewer/bigger loads of laundry.
  • Gas vs Electric – While we may be tempted to go for an electric dryer, it’s actually not an automatic decision.  Keep in mind most electricity in the US comes from fossil fuel energy.  If that’s the case for you, use gas, as it’s more efficient.

Picking the Right Appliance

Stackable Washer DryerPicking the right appliance can make a huge impact on your overall energy consumption and carbon footprint.  Here are a couple of option for you that should help your purchasing decision:

  • Compact Washer Dryers – If the level of laundry permits, consider getting a compact washer/dryer.  These come in the stackable variety (pictured to the right) which also make great use of space for smaller apartments.
  • Gas vs. Electric – Just like our bullet point above, the choice of gas vs. electric should depend on what source of electricity you have.  For most people, it’s fossil fuel powered, in which case extra electricity probably burns more fossil fuels than a gas appliance (due to the inefficiencies of the electrical grid).  Make an informed decision based on your specific situation.
  • Energy saver – Go for the Energy Saver models of appliances, and this isn’t just for washing machines and dryer.  It can go for any appliance.  This certification makes sure that appliances are most efficient and aren’t wasteful in their energy usage.

We hope this has helped you make better decisions when if comes to your home appliances, specifically washing machines.


Are Your Clothes Vegan? A Climate Friendly Fashion Guide…

Over the years I’ve spoken with hundreds, perhaps even thousands, of prospective and practicing vegans and vegetarians.  Each one of them have just a few items that they find really hard to give up.  For some (including me) it’s ice cream.  For some it’s hamburgers.  For others it’s not even food, but other animal products.  Leather jackets, leather boots, fur coats.  These are all decidedly non-vegan and non-vegetarian, but still some people find it hard to part with their favorite wares.

Here I’d like to talk about a couple of ways you can approach your “fashion withdrawal” as you try to get to a more vegan or vegetarian lifestyle.  These have worked for me in the past and continue to work for friends of mine that have successfully kicked the animal bug and proceeded to a fully animal free consumer lifestyle.

Step 1: Faux is Your Friend

Women's Faux Leather Coat

Faux Leather is where it’s at… This one is stylish is hell!

One of the first steps in any vegan endeavor is to simply imitate animal products.  You can tell this by going down any vegan aisle in a grocery store and seeing the names of various meats in “quotes”, as they are likely made from soy or other plant products.  The same is true for fashion and clothes, you can get the same effect simply by going for “faux”.

Faux leather is popular not only because it’s similar in style and feel to the “real” thing, but it’s also cheap!  If you go to an online clothing store like J.C. Penney’s or C.G. Newman you’ll notice the coats and jackets listed at the top of the list are likely faux leather!  This is because they are cheaper and easier to make.

To further drive home to point, check out this list of the best winter coats for women by the aforementioned CG Newman.  You can count at least 5 of the top 10 contain faux leather.  It shows that you can get perfectly fine winter weather wear without waning on your worldview. Say that 5 times fast!

Step 2: Synthetic is Authentic

This one goes for all the “leather boots” out there.  What always ends up happening is they get scratched or torn up and don’t look like they used to.  We’ve all been there (even me), so it goes to show that sometimes animal products are simply not the practical choice (without even considering ethics or climate change).

In these situations, synthetic materials can perform much better.  From constructions boots (synthetics needed for strength) to sneakers to high heel shoes (they get scratched up often).  You can’t really go wrong with a materials that was created with the sole purpose of performing well for it’s intended use.

Just something to think about next time you are clothes shopping or pondering whether to pick up that leather jacket.  Ask yourself a few questions:

Does this jive with my morals?

Is this necessary?

Are there better, cheaper options out there?

I bet you will be surprised what the answer is…

Deer Antler Velvet – Vegan, Vegetarian or Neither?

Sometimes the question arises as to whether animal products that don’t result in the untimely death of an animal can be considered vegan or not? For instance, wool is taken from sheep and doesn’t necessarily result in the death of the animal. However, many commercial farms cannot stay in business without eventually giving up animals to slaughter, so it is generally considered non-vegan to use those products.

Does shaving antler velvet from Deer violate vegan guidelines?

Does shaving antler velvet from Deer violate vegan guidelines?

Some other products, such as Deer Antler Velvet, also walk this thin line. Is Deer Antler Spray Vegan? Deer antler spray is extracted from male deer. This disqualifies antler spay from being vegan. A vegan product cannot be extracted from animals. The spray my not be used by people who will like to adhere to vegan standards. But, it has a lot of benefits associated with them. The spray is extracted from the male deer under strict conditions where the animal is not exposed to any pain. They are offered anesthesia to facilitate the removal process. After the removal process, the deer go back to the herd and continue grazing. It does not affect the life of the deer in any way.

Some benefits of Deer Antler Velvet:

Anti-Aging properties

Velvet when used in spray form, such as pure deer antler extract by Antler Farms, has anti-aging properties. If you are affected by aging signs, the spray has been proved to repair DNA and initiating cell division which is very helpful to people who will like to fight aging signs. It has been discovered to regulate and increase mammalian life span. This makes the spray among the best supplements which you can try if you will like to improve your life in general, the supplement will work wonders for you.

Increasing muscles strength

If you are an athlete, it will be very easy for you to improve your performance after you decide to use the spray. In helps in increasing muscles strength as well as necessitating the recovery process after straining your muscles in the athletic training events. There are many athletes who have tried the spray and they achieved in improving their performance greatly.

Prevention of colds and flu

The spray helps in prevention of cold and flu through promotion of well being. It has been used over many years in different parts of the world to get rid of cold and flu. You will be assured of achieving great success in your process of trying to get rid of flu and cold after you decide to try the spray. It also prevents other forms of diseases such as anemia and normalizing blood pressure. If you suffer from high blood pressure, you will easily get relief after you start applying the spray.

Improve Memory

For those who suffer from memory loss, the supplement can help them. It has necessary ingredients which can help in improving memory function. If you are a student, it will be very easy for you to understand concepts you will be taught in class. It helps in repairing injured nerve and muscles hence making you enjoy good health. Wound healing is also another property of the spray which makes it very helpful to human life.

Reduce cholesterol

If you are trying to get rid of excess fats from your body, you will easily get rid of the cholesterol after you decide to use the spray. It has necessary ingredients which will help your body to get rid of excess fats from your body naturally. This will make it easy for you to lose weight which is unlike a case where you will have to be involved in strenuous activities before you can lose weight.

These benefits aside, if one wants to stictly adhere to the vegan lifestyle, this product is likely off-limits to you.  However, it is less of a problem then the rampant farming and herding that is resulting in the increase in carbon emissions and greenhouse gases.  Avoiding farmed meats and animal-based foods is a much more effective means of combating climate change then avoiding deer velvet.

Another Downside of Non-Veg Diet – Dental Health

A vegan diet has numerous health benefits, including improved dental health.

A vegan diet has numerous health benefits, including improved dental health.

There are numerous benefits to a vegan diet, including reduction in risks of heart disease, diabetes, as well as a more restful conscience for those that care about animal rights.  However there is a less well known benefit of the vegan diet, and that is dental health.  Pasteurized milk and other animal products have been known to cause tooth decay.  In fact, one author argues that the entire history of tooth decay can be traced back to milk pasteurization.

Teeth infection, which is also referred as teeth abscess, normally results from injury to teeth in the mouth or due to untreated cavities. Basically, if you leave infected teeth untreated, the infection can easily cause very serious complications which can in the long run cause pain and therefore become life threatening. This write up will focus on discussing about human dental issues that often arise from eating meat as well as animal products such as eggs and milk.

Animal Foods and Dental Hygiene

Human beings can easily develop dental issues if they fail to visit their dentists frequently. Most people around the globe do not often consider the importance of brushing teeth. It is always important that in case you are suffering from any dental issue you seek for the services of an oral surgeon, your dentist or physician. Generally, be aware that these experts will take an x- ray or conduct an oral exam so that they can sort the problem you may be encountering in your teeth.

#1: Damaging Tissues in the Mouth

Abscessed teeth can easily damage the surrounding tissues in the mouth and in the long run cause toxic poisoning if not treated early enough. A chipped tooth is also a problem that can cause damages to tissues in the mouth. They can also lead to teeth decay as well as pain if not taken care of early enough.

#2: Gum Infection

Buildup of plaque can cause gum disorders If not taken care of, and in turn can also in the long run lead to weakened teeth which may fall out eventually. It is therefore very important that if you care about yourself and your family you always ensure that you brush your teeth always and also make sure that you often check for tartar and plaque buildup as well as healthy gums. You don’t want to have to resort to cheap dentures to get yourself through your old days.  Whatever you do to yourself regarding taking care of your teeth, you should the same to your other family members.

It is a good idea also that you occasionally check your mouth for signs of objects which may be in the teeth or gums such as stickers and bark. Let’s now have a look at some of the techniques you should put into consideration if you want to take good oral dental care of yourself.

How to Take Care of yourself

  • Visiting any Nearby Dentist Frequently
    • Whether you are suffering from any disorder or not; always ensure that you discuss with your dentist about your overall health, including your teeth.
  • Maintaining a Regular Schedule
    • Maintain a regular workable schedule whereby you provide oral health for yourself and your family members. Always ensure that you are getting a balanced diet consisting of those foods that will not only keep your teeth health but also strong as well. Don’t you think that that will be in deed great?

Last but not the least, always ensure that you buy your food products from a reliable seller dealing with types of foods that do not cause dental issues. Also, in case you detect any dental issue in your mouth, visit your dentist immediately so that the problem can be rectified earlier.

The Effect of Deforestation and Tree Removal on Local Climates

The Removal of Trees in Large Scale Endeavors has traumatic impact on the surrounding environment.

The removal of trees in large scale endeavors has traumatic impact on the surrounding environment.

Deforestation (the removal of trees and plantlife from once heavily arboreal areas) is a well known cause of climate disruption in the world.  It’s in fact the same type of disruption that the Vegan Climate Alliance is trying to fight.  The balance of animal life and plant life is a symbiotic relationship and any imbalance can have a dire impact on the world as a whole.

Whether the problem is too many animals (the argument of a vegan diet to avoid the unnecessary breed, herding and grazing that creates dramatic increases in carbon and methane emissions), or too few plants (the wholesale removal of large sections of plant and tree-life that will the deplete the oxygen creation necessary to maintain balance), the battle is the same.  Maintaining (or restoring) the balance of plant and animal life is a crucial step towards a long and bountiful life of the human species.

So how does deforestation affect the global climate?  Well, despite was some political pundits and other spreaders of misinformation may say, the consensus is real.  Global warming is happening and the increase in greenhouse gases is unsustainable.  Whether or not this is impacted “climate change” in particular is yet to be seen, and may take many years to surface entirely.  So known exactly how deforestation (or for that matter the increase in farm animals) has had a global impact is hard to ascertain.  However it may be easier to look at these things on a local level.  Consider the case of Chicago:

Case in Point – Chicago, 1995

In 1995 Chicago faced one of the worst tragedies to any American city has faced.  Over the course of just a few weeks, nearly 800 people died from overheating and weather related problems.  The summer had brought with it a heat wave of unprecedented proportions, and it led to many citizens simply dying from overheating in their own homes.

Such a tragedy needed to be met with some response from the local government, and the plan they come up with was  “green roofs” initiative.  Starting in 2001 with the City Hall in Chicago, developers and city agencies starting placing rooftop gardens on buildings.  This helped to absorb the massive amount of heat that would come in during the summer months.

Trees and Plants give us more than just shade.  Buildings can give us shade, but they don’t actually absorb the heat of the run rays in any meaningful way, they simply reflect the heat.  If they do absorb it, it simply heats the structures, which adds to the overall temperature of the surrounding area.  What trees, grass and other plants do is actually absorb the heat energy (and light energy) and convert it into food (and growth) for themselves.  This is the ever popular “photosynthesis” that every 6th grader knows about.

The problem with large cities is that they replace trees with concrete and asphalt, which does not give any reprieve from the harsh summers.  Chicago faced this truth head on when it in enacted it’s own plan to include rooftop gardens on all city buildings.  It also gave incentives for developers and property owners to do the same.  The results were pretty astounding, as they were able to reduce the overall ambient temperature of the city of several degrees.  The city hasn’t faced a tragedy like 1995 since.

What Can We Do?

Usually, suburban areas don’t have to worry about this type of thing.  However in some cases trees are removed to make way for other structures, and this can cause problems.  One quote from Long Island’s tree service says it best “Tree removal only in the event of disease or danger of collapse”.  They strongly discourage fully removing trees for any reasons such a improving the view of a location or developing other lands.  If trees are removed for that purpose, they strongly encourage trees to be planted elsewhere to “make up” for the removal.

Other cities, such as NYC, have gone so far as to put forwards a “One Millions Trees” initiative, where the city hopes to get 1 million trees planted within the term of the Mayor.  Such endeavors are large and complex, but they come with a type of forward thinking that could stave off the disastrous effects that Chicago faced in 1995.  In general, any endeavor that strives to increase the amount of plant life will have a long lasting benefit to the surrounding area.


Supplements for the Vegan Diet – An Overlooked Factor for Prolonged Health


Nutritional Supplements, especially B-12, can be crucial for strict vegans to maintain proper health.

You might agree that in today’s fast paced life, following a healthy diet everyday is not an easy job. Hence, nutritional supplements are proving to be a boon. Food supplements are used along with the daily diet and provide vital nutrients you lack, from your regular meals. Nutritional supplements improve the immune system and protect you from several diseases. You can include supplements in your diet to improve your immune system, for muscle building, fat loss, etc.

Nutritional supplements help you achieve optimum health and keep you away from illnesses. Protein supplements are used by body builders, pregnant women, etc. Different types of protein supplements such as whey, soy, and egg white are available. They help in muscle building, weight loss, improving immune system, etc. Athletes and sportsmen can use sports supplements to increase the nutritional intake. Sports supplements can help them achieve their goals effectively. In fact these sport supplements should be combined with a good exercise or work routine for better results. Bodybuilding supplements help increase muscle size and burn excess fat. Then there are muscle building supplements that help convert the essential nutrients into muscle tissue. Also, there are fat loss supplements that help increase the metabolism and lose body fat. You can easily meet your dieting goals by consuming these weight loss supplements in the right quantity.

Reducing your intake of bad foods is a great start to losing weight, but it does little for providing your body with the essential nutrients it needs to keep working at peak performance. When it comes to nutritional supplements, there are factors to consider, including what type of supplement your body may need. Let’s look at a few different types of nutritional supplements:

* Weight Loss Supplements – Supplements that aid in digestion & metabolism boosting
* Depression Supplements – Supplements designed to increase feel-good brain chemicals
* Energy Supplements – Supplements designed to increase energy and stamina
* Hair Loss Supplements – Supplements designed to promote new hair growth
* Insomnia Supplements – Supplements designed to aid people with sleep disorders
* Children’s Supplements – Supplements designed to support growing bodies
* Menopause Supplements – Supplements designed to help with menopause symptoms
* Skin Care Supplements – Supplements designed to help maintain “good” skin

Even if weight loss is not your goal for nutritional supplements it’s important to understand that our bodies need essential nutrients and if you’re not getting them in your diet you should consider using a nutritional supplement. Eating a well balanced diet including all food groups is a sure way to a healthy lifestyle but if that’s not for you – nutritional supplements are!

You can buy these supplements online from manufacturers who offer good discounts on supplements that are effective and referred by many people. Before you proceed onward to picking your supplements, you have to remember your body sort, dietary admission, and so forth. It is prudent you counsel your neighborhood doctor before beginning. Healthful supplements ought to be brought alongside your general eating routine and not as a substitute. These supplements alone can’t help you to be fit. You ought to be clear of what you wish to pick up and afterward choose the supplements that would help you meet your needs.

Personal Note – Enjoying the Earth through Hiking

gorgeous sunsetAnyone that follows my writing understands that I am quite spiritual. I think it is very important to care for both the body and the mind. My logic is not really that complicated. I picture the human body as a temple; it is important to care for that temple in the best way possible. As a result, I grow my own food so that I truly know what I am putting into my body. I want to consume wholesome foods, and I have made that one of my goals. In addition, I know how important it is to stay active. Recently, I discovered hiking, and I am quite enthusiastic about my new venture. A few weeks ago, I set off on my first hike, unsure of what to expect. I could not believe how wonderful it was! When the hike was over, I found myself questioning why I had not taken the leap and set out on a hike before. I think that anyone that tries hiking with an open mind will quickly find that they must make it a part of their daily life.

I suffer from Plantar Fasciitis

Throughout my life, I have enjoyed regular walking. You may be picturing a twenty minute stroll through a neighborhood when I say “walking.” However, what I mean is that I liked heading into the forest and going on walks that would last for hours. During that time in my life, I was diagnosed with a condition known as plantar fasciitis. When you have this condition, you must purchase a good pair of shoes in order to give your body the necessary support. If you do not, you will experience pain that will make it difficult for you to stay active. When you have plantar fasciitis, the tendons in the feet get inflamed and thicken. The foot is not as flexible as before. It hurts quite a bit. The only thing that I can liken the pain to is when you are at the beach and you accidentally step on a jellyfish. If the plantar fasciitis is untreated, it feels like you are standing on a jellyfish each morning when you get out of bed. In addition, the pain lingers (although it is lessened) throughout the day. While the intensity is not as bad as it is first thing in the morning, the pain can still have a debilitating effect.

Walking Shoes for the Overweight

People think that vegans will automatically be skinny individuals, but this is not always the case. Some people are simply born “big-boned”, others can develop overeating even if they don’t consume animal products. It’s still best for these people get out and experience nature (and this can also help them manage weight).

If you weigh a lot, you must find a pair of good walking shoes to hold up your body. I did some research on the Internet and found that these are really great for walking if you are tad bit on the heavyset side. If you do not take the time to invest in a good pair, you will regret it later on. In order to be healthy and to live a fulfilling life, it is important to maintain a normal body mass index. Therefore, if you are overweight, you must make a commitment to slimming down. In order to make real progress, you have to get active. If you are making this change after a period of time when you were sedentary, you are likely to get something called a policeman’s heel. If your shoes are supportive, you may be able to avoid this condition altogether. If you are familiar with policeman’s heel, you know that it is not something that you want to deal with because it hurts quite a bit. You will want to avoid this at all costs. So I suggest you tread in my footsteps (pun intended) and start your research with this 2016 guide on the Boot Bomb. It’s a very informative guide and you will learn a lot from it for sure.

If you have plantar fasciitis, and you need a pair of good shoes, it is important to seek out something that has a flexible midsole. The tendons in your foot are inflamed. They are bigger than usual, which means they are not able to bend as easily. As a result, your shoes must be flexible as you walk. If not, your feet will be subject to a stiff midsole, which will harm your feet even more. Therefore, make sure you find a pair of shoes with the right type of midsole! In addition, you need to find something that has quite a bit of support in the heel. The insoles that come with the shoes that you buy are almost always insufficient. Instead, spend a little more money and get a good orthotic insert. These are not that expensive and can make a big difference. If you’re serious about taking up some physical exercise, then there’s no way around this. And besides… athleticists need good arch support, or they will end up paying the price later down the road. Am I right or what?

Foot Support w/ Insertsnew zealand

If you really want to go all out on your shoes, have a pair of insoles custom made. These provide excellent support because they are made to fit your own feet. In order to get these made, you have to stand upright in a bit of gel for several minutes. Your feet will make an impression in the gel. Those molds are then used to create a cast that will form the base for your orthotic inserts. I have gone through this process, and although it is a little expensive, I found it to be worth it in the end. I love how my shoes feel on my feet, and I am not worried about doing damage to my body when I go walking. That matters more to me than anything. I would not want anyone to suffer from runner’s heel, as it is a truly painful condition. It also is not easy to treat.

Working Out Your Foot

If you do suffer from plantar fasciitis, there are a few exercises that can help minimize the pain you feel. First, try taking a water bottle and rolling it under your feet. Make sure you are not wearing shoes and socks for this exercise. This helps to get the blood moving throughout your body and relieves pain for a little while. Night splints are another option; put these on when you go to bed at night. It keeps your foot straight and your ligaments stretched out. You should notice a difference in the amount of pain you feel when you stand up in the morning. Finally, make sure you take time to allow your feet to rest. You still must stay active when you can, but you also need to schedule time to allow your feet to heal. However, those with plantar fasciitis do need to understand that they must stay active even in the face of their condition.

Advantages of a Plant Based Diet: Fiber

A Fiber rich diet has tons of health benefits.

A Fiber rich diet has tons of health benefits.

As most of our members, advocates and readers know, plant based nutrition offers a wide array of health benefits compared to animal-centric diets.  Today we will talk about one key aspect of plant nutrition that is rarely found at adequate levels in animal based diets, fiber.  We are all aware of the significant role that fiber plays in the prevention of disease and in the maintenance of overall good health. Because our diet does not provide us with the sufficient amount of fiber we need, it is necessary to take a daily fiber supplement. Sounds simple enough, however how do you determine which is the best fiber supplement to take? The answer has always been psyllium but more and more are choosing flax. A careful study of both types of fiber has shown that flax is the better choice. The following are the reasons why:

1. The ratio of soluble to insoluble fiber in flax is better than that of psyllium.
2. Flax contains lignans which are rich in antioxidants whereas psyllium does not.
3. Psyllium causes constipation while flax does not.

The Natural Balance Advantage:
The recommended 25-40 grams of daily fiber should have a ratio of 75% insoluble fiber to 25% soluble fiber. This can be met by eating a diet rich in fruits, vegetables and some grains. Flax has a ratio of 65-75% insoluble to 25-35% soluble fiber while psyllium husk has roughly 20% insoluble to 89% soluble fiber making the former the better choice as a daily supplement. Both types of fiber are important but flax which mimics the balance of a good diet is certainly the better choice for a supplement (or you can also choose a supplement such as Skinny Body MAX).

The Lignan Advantage:
Flax contains lignans which are normal substances that have strong cell reinforcement properties while psylliumdoes not. According to experts, flax contains about one times more lignans than any other source.
In the digestive tract, lignans binds toxins and helps the body flush them out before they can create health problems. There is growing evidence that prove lignans work with the immune system and intestinal bacteria in ways that support good health.

The Health Advantage:
Flax is not known to cause intestinal discomfort whereas complications resulting from psyllium use are common. Psyllium husk assimilates a significantly vast measure of water because of its 80% solvent fiber content. For this reason it is used in ice cream as a thickening agent and is also added to newly planted grass for better water retention.

When it enters the digestive tract it expands as it absorbs water thus when taking flax, one needs to significantly increase the amount of water one drinks otherwise it might lead to dehydration. The use of flax also often results in constipation which is ironic because many people take fiber precisely to ease problems with difficult bowel movement. In the end, what is really important is not so much the type of fiber you choose but the amount you consume which is 25 to 40 grams a day as recommended by the nutrition experts.
Dieting can do much for dieters not by lessening the caloric intake but by providing the dieters with better food options. Better food options are indeed a great way to come up with better lifestyle choices. At this point, the best diet is seen to be a high-fiber diet. Fibers come in two types: the soluble and the insoluble. Both perform different functions but at the end of the day, both the soluble and the insoluble fiber can aid in weight loss and health and wellness enhancement. There are many rich sources of fiber, like wheat, oats, bran, fruits, vegetables, and so the list goes on. But for those who feel that they still need more fiber in their diet.

The Rise of Cloud Computing and it’s Affect on Climate Change

As mobile devices proliferate and big business turns to cloud computing to cut costs and improve efficiency, technology companies are facing a double challenge of powering energy-hungry data centers to expand the cloud while keeping carbon emissions from skyrocketing. Cloud computing has paved the way for technologies such as video conferencing and smart building management that can make corporations greener. But it is also shifting a larger share of electricity consumption – and the carbon output associated with it onto firms that run the data centers or manufacture computer servers.

Massive Cloud Server Farms, like this one in Sydney, offer questionable repercussions for climate change.

Massive Cloud Server Farms, like this one in Sydney, offer questionable repercussions for climate change.

Cloud computing empowers clients to share same resources and complete undertakings remotely.  As opposed to utilizing your own particular PCs or servers, you connect with a remote server, regularly built by technology firms or a software programming company.  It powers some of the most popular technologies of today, including Gmail, Xero Online Bookkeeper and Flickr.  It implies all more computing is moved to purpose-assembled data points. From a low carbon viewpoint it’s not an awful thing. Server farms have a tendency to be more energy effective than single servers distributed around and, while there is still boundless opportunity to get better, numerous organizations are attempting to make their offices more energy proficient. energy and IT administrations suppliers, for instance, have been competing to look as the greenest supplier – separated from the PR esteem there is a lot of cash to be spared in more noteworthy energy efficiency.

There is likewise developing confirmation of the degree emissions which can be spared from cloud computing. A study found out that the reception of cloud technology will lead to a 38% diminish in overall server farms energy consumption by 2020, contrasted with what might some way or another be utilized. Another research figured out that expansive US organizations that utilization cloud computing will have the capacity to spare about $12.3bn of energy expenses and 85.7 million metric huge amounts of gas emissions yearly by 2020. This energy reserve funds are equal to 150 million barrels of oil which is sufficient to control more than 4 million autos for one year.

In any case, cloud computing has some issues of dependability and security . Organizations are frequently hesitant to believe their information and computing to a distance supplier and with climate change disasters. this itself might make cloud computing more insecure.

In depth research looking at main issues related to Cloud computing in the next 20 to 80 years coming. It was reported that there is significant dangers from cloud computing on climate change. As more data centers are built, and with the world relatively much bigger, more will need to go offshore, this makes cloud potentially vulnerable to increased climate change negative impacts. The research also points out that more than 95% of world communications traffic is transmitted by one million kilometers of undersea fiber-optic cable. Rising levels of sea increase the danger of flooding and destroying coastal cable and this will also affect the seabed, endangering sea cables more vulnerable.

It this gives worrying reading. As we all struggle to try and reduce climate change, we maybe too far behind in stopping a number of the impacts. It’s however ironic that one cloud computing that will help end greenhouse gas emissions may as well be cause of it or the victim of its impact .

Energy Efficiency for Climate Change


The use of energy efficient appliances, such as new LED lighting, is helping to combat climate change.

One of the major topics and aspects of focus in the recent world is the climate change. Climate change is the alteration of the regional or global climate patterns. To be exact, it is a change from the mid-20th century until now. It is attributed greatly to the enhanced levels of the atmospheric CO2 that is produced by the machinery and other fossil fuels used. Some types of lights have also led to the increase of the climate change.

For that reason, specialists have recommended the use of alternative energies as well as a shift towards more energy efficient appliances and manufacturing processes (such as energy efficient LED lights, green manufacturing, heat efficient HVAC systems and many others). All these various methods have been developed to cut down on the consumption of energy. Also, they do not affect the environment negatively. Over the previous years there has been much development in this regard, as initially, some appliances and methods (such as LED lights) were used, but they consumed a lot of energy, and also produced high levels of heat.

How do the energy efficient LED lights impact the climate change?

The energy efficient lights will help not only to save energy but also, they help to cut down on the emission of the carbon dioxide. The energy saving LED bulbs will affect the environment in three different ways;

• Effect on the people

The LED lights help to limit the air pollution, which makes the air healthier for people in the surrounding to breathe without any worries. So if someone suffers from a heart disease, asthma, or other respiratory issues, the LED creates a safe and healthy environment for them.

They will cut down on the pollution of the air. On average, about 12% of the energy used in the home are meant for powering the lighting. This ranges from the lights on the ceiling, on the bedside lamps, and on the counter. The LED bulb uses about 70 to 90% less energy, compared to the standard bulb. This, on the other hand, helps to cut down on the need to burn excess coal.

• Effects on the planet

The LED light helps to cut down on the climate change. This is one of the major aspect and features of these bulbs. The bulbs help to stop the emission of greenhouse gas. This is almost equal to 550,000 vehicles. So when the LED lights are used, the world will be free from the severe climate change. This makes it efficient and more reliable when you are using it at home.

When the LED light prevents and limits the emission of greenhouse gas, the environment becomes safe. There will be no effect on the climate and also, the issue of the global warming will be taken care of. Another good thing about the LED lights is that they are long lasting. The durability aspect allows it to save energy for quite a long time.

These lights also require less energy to burn. Unlike the standard lights and bulbs that need a remarkable amount of energy to light, the LED lights need slight amounts of energy. In the long run, there will be no negative impact on the environment. The long use of the LED lights mean that the environment will be safe for a while and in the long run, the climate will be back to its original state.

Globe Trotting Women Mountaineers go Vegan!

The Everest Women’s 7 Summit Eco-Action team is a group of nine Nepali women who have set the goal of climbing seven of the highest peaks on seven continents, setting a world record of being the largest team to do so—and in the process will raise awareness about the climate crisis.

In July 2010 the team of Nepali women will begin the first international leg of their tour by coming to Australia and climbing Mt.Kosciusko.

The team will use their expedition to highlight the urgent issue of climate change, and after receiving information about how the vegan diet is the most efficient way to combat global warming and environmental devastation, the entire team has decided to go vegan!

After Australia the next peak in the challenge is Mt. Elbrus in Europe, followed by Kilimanjaro (Africa), Vinson Massif (Antarctica),Aconcagua (South America), Carstensz Pyramid (Oceania) and Denali (North America).

The following are the team’s vision and mission statements:

Vision: Providing hope to people and empowering them by sharing knowledge about tools for mitigation and adaptation through education and cross cultural learning in order to promote sustainable co-existence of nature and human beings.

Mission: Climb the seven summits, conduct educational exchange programmes on climate change in each continent and finally compile the global knowledge in educational materials including a book, animations and posters which will be distributed in schools and libraries in various languages worldwide.

For more information on the Everest Women’s Seven Summits Eco-Action please visit: